Team Members

Stephani Galante

I am a Pittsburgh native, who aspires to view the world through the eyes of Walt Disney. While studying Business Administration and Management online, I spent my first couple years out of high school working in the heart of one of Walt Disney's biggest dreams come true, Walt Disney World. After successfully completing three internships with the fortune 500 company, I decided it was time to come back to my roots right here in the North Hills to be with loved ones. Joining the world of real estate seemed like a fantastic way to continue to make dreams come true, and boy was I right! With strong, unique customer service skills, I am committed to creating a magical and happy experience for each and every one of my clients and their loved ones. As a Disney Cast Member at heart, I face every challenge with a smile and professionalism, including finding your dream home. If you're looking for a Realtor® who truly believes every dream can become a reality, I am the Realtor® for you.

Shannon Rowland

As the old saying goes, "there's no place like home." But it takes more than 3 clicks of your heels to get there. A Pittsburgh native, I'm here to walk the yellow brick road with you - offering the support, guidance, and reliability you'll need to find a house to call home. A mother of four, I know the importance of each and every room in a home and I'm committed to helping you find the perfect place to build your own happy memories. And with me as your Realtor® you won't have to search somewhere over the rainbow --- let me do the work to bring you the very best listings suited to your needs. Or, if the time has come to ease on down the road, I can assist with listing your home as well. A great listener, if you're looking for someone to really hear what it is you're looking to do and help make it happen, whether you're buying or selling, I'm the one you can rely on. After all, home is not just a place... it's a feeling.

Marty Steele

It can be a very stressful time when looking to buy or sell property. I am here to tell you it doesn't have to be! As a former collegiate football coach, I instilled passion and energy in my players. I bring those same tools to the Real Estate world. Allow me to put my passionate and energetic personality to work for you and let's enjoy the process along the way!

Priya Humar

I specialize in the sales of new and existing homes in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. Prior to my career in Real Estate I was a successful banking professional and top performer in generating consumer loans for Refinancing, Debt Consolidation and Home improvement needs -working diligently for my clients’ best interest with high ethical standards. At the same time, I actively participated in several new construction, design and remodeling projects which profoundly deepened my interest in real estate and subsequently encouraged me to pursue my passion in this industry. My previous experiences have provided me with valuable skills well suited for providing outstanding service for my clients. I like to proactively recommend options that best suits client needs, successfully guiding them through every step of transaction. I believe strongly in providing my clients with reliable and accurate information in timely manner, so they can find value and make sound decisions resulting in building strong and trustworthy business relationships. In my free time, I love to travel, learn about ancient history, culture, architecture and practice yoga. As your agent , I deliver to you integrity and commitment to find you your perfect home and maximize value for your investment.

Tricia Shirley

Hi all! My name is Tricia. I love dogs, traveling, and have a slight obsession for coffee. My faith is the center of my life. I value every relationship, helping others, and my Pittsburgh community. I believe your home is more than a place of residence. For me, home is our church where I interact with the most amazing people on a daily basis, the local boutique coffee shop where I made friends with inspiring young entrepreneurs that made their love for coffee a passion, and my neighbors who are always there for us letting our dogs outside, babysit, or giving my family a warm meal because they are thinking of us. This is my home and this is my community. It all started with one house, one purchase, and one awesome realtor that created a new beginning to our community we now call home. My goal is to be that awesome realtor who finds you a “home” and not just a house. I believe in the strength of a loving happy community, which is why I am choosing to give back to local charities. Tell me your favorite charity, and I will donate 10% of my profit from your business.

Paul Murray Team Lead

During the sale of or the purchase of your home there are a lot of moving parts. Showings, the home inspection, the mortgage process, the appraisal, the title work and settlement process the local township or borough required inspections… all of these aspects provide an opportunity for something to go wrong! So what should you expect during the process of selling or buying your home? You should expect that we're going to be there for you! No matter the time of day, the problem or the amount of work that it may take to correct the issue, we'll be there. Communication is the biggest breakdown during the home sale or buying process and so you deserve a REALTOR® that is dedicated to making sure communication is open and simple. We’ll schedule your showings together, we'll work hand in hand with your mortgage lender to make sure we get to the closing table on time. We'll help you navigate through the home inspection so that we get important concerns addressed in a timely manner. And through it all, we promise to break this whole process down into simple manageable steps. Selling or buying a home is a very exciting time and so you should expect that we're going to keep it simple, keep it moving and keep you informed every step of the way! We're the Paul Murray Team, and we are REALTORS® worth hiring!